PC Caucus takes voluntary wage freeze

NEWS RELEASE – PC Caucus takes voluntary wage freeze

Progressive Conservative Caucus takes voluntary wage freeze
PC MLAs will remit all salary increases until next election

Following their caucus meeting today, Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative MLAs have announced they will voluntarily freeze their wages for the duration of the current term.

“I am tremendously proud of our caucus for making the unanimous decision to voluntarily freeze our wages until the next election,” said Premier Brian Pallister, MLA for Fort Whyte. “In the effort to recognize and address the fiscal challenges left by the NDP, I have said it’s ‘all hands on deck’ – and that starts with those of us serving in the Legislature.”

In Manitoba, MLAs’ pay is determined by regulation set by an independent commissioner and, under the current compensation schedule, includes a 1.6 per cent annual cost of living increase which they are set to receive on April 1, 2017. Each member of the PC Caucus will provide a personal cheque to the Government of Manitoba equivalent to the total increase they would be eligible to receive during the 2017/18 fiscal year under current regulations. The combined salary returned by PC MLAs for the coming fiscal year will total more than $70,000.

“Our caucus knows that, by working together with Manitobans, we can fix our province’s finances and ensure the sustainability and security of the front-line services we all depend on,” said PC Caucus Chair Wayne Ewasko, MLA for Lac du Bonnet. “Manitobans understand the need to get our province’s fiscal house in order and they expect their elected officials to lead by example.”

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