Province seeks views of Manitobans on Climate and Green Plan


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Have Your Say as Manitoba Grows the Economy while Protecting the Environment: Cox

As the province continues the development of a Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, the government is launching an online survey for Manitobans to have their say on the carbon pricing plan being imposed by the federal government, Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox said today.

“The federal government is directing all provinces to bring in a carbon price beginning in 2018.  While Manitobans understand the importance of environmental protection, our government has an equal responsibility to ensure we stimulate investments in clean energy and green growth that will create sustainable jobs throughout our province,” said Cox.  “We want Manitobans to tell us what impact this will have on their families and to tell us their ideas of other steps we could take to grow our economy while we protect our environment.”

Manitoba’s plan will include measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and adopt energy-saving technologies and Manitobans will be able to offer their suggestions of what initiatives potential carbon pricing revenue could be directed toward.  These could include lowering income taxes, providing rebates for low-income households, investing in water projects to address the risks of increased flooding, or providing offsets for increased hydroelectricity rates.

The minister noted that addressing climate change can lead to new opportunities in green jobs and clean technology.  By capitalizing on the province’s access to clean hydroelectricity, Manitoba’s economy can prosper even more, she added.

The Manitoba Climate and Green Plan is being developed to:

  • reduce carbon emissions causing climate change,
  • adapt to climate change impacts,
  • preserve wetlands and vulnerable ecosystems,
  • integrate water and land use,
  • build new clean economy growth, and
  • foster sustainable living opportunities for people and communities.

“Climate change is a serious and growing issue that affects Manitoba businesses, communities and natural spaces,” said Cox.  “Much of our province’s economy is built on our strong foundation of clean, green energy.  A made-in-Manitoba plan, created with the input of Manitobans, will build upon our strengths and allow us to prosper while doing our part to fight climate change.”

The climate change survey is available on the consultation website at:

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, March 19.

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