Funding helps out Kiwanis Homes

Local organizations are benefiting from government grants for building maintenance and upkeep, in some cases repairing longstanding issues to improve quality of life for residents.

This summer, Kiwanis Homes on Golspie received $112,000 from the Provincial Government for roof repair, ventilation and new windows. A Manitoba Hydro rebate program also provided  new LED hallway light bulbs.

“All these years we never got anything from the Province in the form of loans and/or repair grants, and now this year we did,” said Marilyn Gilbert, who has managed the property for 27 years.”

Kiwanis Homes on Golspie and Dunrobin was built in two stages during the mid 1960s and includes 43 apartments, home to many devoted seniors. Founded by the Kiwanis Club in 1963, club members continue to serve on the housing development’s board, Kiwanis Homes of East Kildonan, which meets monthly and for emergency meetings as required.

Gilbert says the provincial funding accelerates these maintenance projects which otherwise would have taken much longer to complete. A property manager from another area told her about the grant and the community was overjoyed when they heard the funding was approved.

The board for Kiwanis Homes carefully manages any building upgrades in order to keep rent affordable. The 55-plus community has only a handful of openings each year.

“Residents remain as long as they are able,” Gilbert said, noting that the result was that “folks here are like their own little family.”

At Christmas those who wish to participate decorate their apartment doors in advance of a contest where the winner is determined by a vote. Lately an 85th birthday barbecue complete with cake was held in an adjoining park for a resident who has lived at Kiwanis Homes for 25 years. Several years ago a 100th birthday was celebrated for a resident who had lived in the building since 1963.

Manitoba’s Provincial Government offers grants for a variety of project types. If you know of a project you think may be eligible for funding, please contact my office so we can help you find out what is available from the Province. Often people do not know what funds they can access, but now proudly boasting new windows, lighting, ventilation and shingles, the folks at Kiwanis Homes are grateful they asked.

Andrew Micklefield is the MLA for Rossmere and can be found at Unit 3-935 McLeod, except for when the legislature is sitting. Contact Andrew directly at 204-289-4545 or email at

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