2018: A Triple Celebration

2018: A Triple Celebration (text also below image)

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A few weeks ago Flying Pizza on Edison and Rothesay celebrated its twenty first anniversary under the leadership of local resident, owner and enterprising immigrant, Ajay Chopra. Ajay’s story is a good example of why our provincial government remains committed to fairer, lower taxes, red tape reduction and strong, long term fiscal management.

In 2010, Ajay came to Canada as a 17 year old and with worked hard to find opportunities in a new and unfamiliar culture. Ajay worked two jobs at Red River Co-op Gas Station and McDonalds and used those opportunities to perfect his English and save money so he could one day own his own business. Five years later his dream became a reality and with money saved from those first two jobs, Ajay put 50% down on the Flying Pizza restaurant in Rossmere.

Ajay has worked tirelessly since then to grow his business: establishing credit history with suppliers to fund needed repairs on weekends, learning how to use high tech ovens efficiently, testing and updating menu items to attract new customers and maintain market share amongst competitors. And it’s worked, Flying Pizza has become an area go-to pizza destination. Our family’s favourite quick supper is the Chicken Tandoori pizza and Bacon-bacon pizza!

Ajay says he has grown his business by employing three principles: keep learning, don’t overthink needed transitions and foster good relationships. When a local thrift store asked to include their fliers with pizza orders, Ajay was eager to help; when local schools and sports teams have shown interest in working with Flying Pizza for an event Ajay makes it happen.

When reflecting back on his early experiences in Canada, Ajay found the support was favourable towards him as a newcomer. As a small gesture of thanks, his store window now promotes a local group that runs a soccer program for newcomers and immigrants.

As Flying Pizza celebrates an anniversary milestone this year for Ajay, it was not to be the only celebration of 2018 for the Chopka family. Ajay celebrated getting married earlier this year, and recently completed his citizenship test. A year filled with triple accomplishments is a year to celebrate. Congratulations, Ajay and family, on a year to be remembered!


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