March 19, 2020 Private Member Statement on COVID-19 Measures by Andrew Micklefield

Madam Speaker, In these uncertain times, the COVID19 virus has brought with it a sense of unease and so it falls to us to offer compassion, calm reassurance and practical help as we seek to bring stability, care and hope to those affected. 

 We should thank healthcare workers in our clinics, hospitals and care facilities for their care for our families and communities. We should express gratitude to school staff for delivering classes and assignments with an internet connection instead of a classroomt. 

 We should support the grocers and shop owners who offer early morning shopping hours for seniors so they can shop in a cleaner and less crowded store. And we should applaud those taking extra measures to sanitize workplaces and public spaces. 

 And we should join the growing numbers of ride-givers, meal-makers, snow shovellers, babysitters and friendly Manitobans lending a helping hand in appropriate ways. We can call the elderly, those living alone or grieving widows to say hello and see how they’re doing. A foodbank in my community is taking the extra time and effort to box up food to offer drive-through food bank services for dozens of families. These are some of the ways we can come together even as we are required to stay apart. 

 There are more sharers than hoarders, more helpers than complainers, more burden-lifters doing their part. Social distancing need not become total isolation. With hope in our hearts let us do what we can to curb the curve but also serve. 

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