Striving to serve the community – March 25, 2020 Canstar Herald Column by Andrew Micklefield


(From left) Helen Hopko, Evelyn Kohut, Sheila Daly, Irene Gaylord, Emily McDougal and Rossmere MLA Andrew Micklefield chatted at a Valentine’s Day lunch.

The most fulfilling element of public service is serving people, meeting local community groups and addressing individual needs.

During the first part of 2020 I was honoured to serve constituents in this way, immersing myself in the community before the current legislative session began.

During these weeks I attended several Rossmere seniors’ events, including a Valentine’s lunch with a table of lively grandmothers — all over 80 years old and all full of wit and wisdom. They told stories about their adventurous lives and shared concerns that my office was able to resolve within a few days. I was grateful to hear stories of positive experiences at Concordia’s Urgent Care Centre.

I enjoyed assisting newcomers settling into their new Canadian home by answering questions about the provincial nominee program, directing them to government services, and helping them find doctors and other services outlined in my Now that you are here presentation. The newcomers Ruth and I have welcomed into our own home have enriched our lives and family as we’ve tried to ease their transition to a new culture.

I also visited 13 Rossmere area schools and preschools for I Love to Read month in February. I read fun stories and answered many questions from students. I also joined a djembe drumming class, where I tapped into past lives of teaching and drumming for a few hours of percussion with local students.

Now that our break has come to an end, I look forward to debating and passing legislation designed to move Manitoba forward.

This spring’s return to session has been full of unfolding events but in the midst of every circumstance I will continue to work for the people of Rossmere who I am honoured to serve and represent. I can be reached at 204-289-4545 or by emailing

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