It’s Important to Stay Connected – April 22, 2020 Herald Article by Andrew Micklefield

While it is essential to stay home and physically distance when we are in public places, it’s equally important to stay connected to one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although I am unable to attend community events or meet people directly, I am working full time from home answering calls, helping constituents, and assisting area residents seeking to access the government help available to their families and businesses. Every morning my assistant and I discuss emails and phone calls, and organize our day to respond to everyone who has reached out to our office.

 It’s also been encouraging to learn of neighbours are helping each other in big and small ways too: by picking up shopping for seniors or those unable to go out, and dropping it on their doorstep before sending a quick text or making a quick call to indicate it’s there; by phoning a loved one or isolated friend or relative; by donating blood to Canada Blood Services or by donating food to Winnipeg Harvest. There are many big and small ways to stay connected during COVID-19, despite the physical distancing we must all continue to observe. 

If you would like to help but don’t know what to do, sign up at Manitoba’s Help Next Door website to be notified of ways you can assist in your area at And if you need help, you can visit the same website to request assistance. Manitobans are helping each other overcome life’s challenges, just as they have done for generations. 

Our government is also working hard to protect Manitobans, issuing daily news releases explaining the rules and reasons for the cautious measures required at this time. It’s important not to believe everything you see on social media, Manitoba’s most credible and up-to-date source of information is available online at

Small businesses and the people who run them are also vital to our economy and collective well being. Business owners with questions about critical services or operations can ask questions at and get answers in real-time. 

The health and safety of Manitobans is not just a top priority — it’s the top priority. So during this time, we want to make sure we’re spreading the facts, not the virus. 

Please phone or email my office if you have any questions or concerns at or 204-289-4545.

We’re here for you – even if we’re apart.

published April 22, 2020 in Canstar Herald

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