Manitoba moving ahead carefully

Over the past weeks I have assisted many people in the community, advocated for constituents’ needs at the Manitoba Legislature, and advised local businesses and organizations regarding government programs.

Here are some updates:

• Caring for vulnerable people remains top priority, even as the economy reopens with fewer restrictions. Personal care homes can now schedule outdoor visits and hospitals can permit visitors. Call ahead to find out how you can see your loved ones. Free psychological help is available remotely from trained therapists: home

• Doctors’ offices are scheduling virtual and in-person appointments, and COVID-19 tests are available at designated testing sites for those with symptoms who have used the online screening tool or spoken with Healthlinks to get a test. You can find the screening tool at: covid19/screening-tool/ or call Healthlinks at 204-788-8200.

• For those requiring community assistance with odd jobs or one-off needs, connects people needing practical assistance with anyone willing to help in the community. A mandatory and free security check ensures no “helpers” have criminal pasts.

• Those seeking student work or workers for the summer should visit studentjobsmb. ca, a secure site linking prospective employers, non-profits and government departments directly with students wanting to work. Both students and employers can sign up to find each other.

• The Summer Student Recovery Jobs program is investing $120 million to further incentivize student hiring by subsidizing up to $7 an hour to a maximum of $5,000 per student. Manitoba Green Team is investing $10 million for 100 per cent student wage subsidies for students hired by non-profits to beautify or maintain grounds, run community programs, and train youth. I’ve helped many organizations to apply and already several are approved.

• I’ve also consulted extensively with area faith groups regarding resuming worship services. Both Dr. Brent Roussin and health minister Cameron Friesen have indicated publicly that services will likely resume soon, with some COVID-19 guidelines.

• Lastly, after a long week of calls, emails and Zoom meetings, I’ve turned off the computer and gone for a bike ride or walk on one of North Kildonan’s many trails

or paths (say hi if you see me).

Bunn’s Creek trail is dry all the way to the river, and Kilcona and Harbourview parks are open for visitors. The Chief Peguis walking trail is paved and now runs all the way to East St. Paul.

Just a 20 minute drive north of Winnipeg, Birds Hill Park has numerous hiking and biking trails, as well as a beach and campground. The weather has improved, and as we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to get some sunshine, to be grateful for what we have, and to enjoy those things which often cost nothing or very little, but which I have come to appreciate more in recent months.

Andrew Micklefield is MLA for Rossmere and can be reached at 204-289-4545 or by emailing

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