October 29 2020 Private Member Statement on Greensite Recycling by Andrew Micklefield

Thank you Madam Speaker. I rise to congratulate Greensite Recycling for showing that recycling can be good for the environment and business at the same time. Fueled by curiosity, innovation, old shingles and dead trees, Greensite Recycling on Springfield Road saves money, keeps reusable materials out of landfills and creates green products used across the province. 

It all started in 2009 when roofer John Krueger discovered technology able to grind shingles to make ingredients used in road construction. He pursued the idea, and now this shingles-to-roads technology is used by the City of Winnipeg and being tested by the Province. One test site will use shingles from 45 house-roofs instead of sending them to the dump, where they take 300 years to break down. 

Greensite can also crush giant, downed trees and grind them down for landscaping mulch and playground material. Home builders, factory manufacturers, Hutterites, arborists and tree service companies, waste transfer companies, roofers and governments are all working together, saving money and the environment, and creating and using green products in the process: a variety of mulches, pellets and ground-up wood products.

Greensite is living proof that a little curiosity and innovation can turn a profit from waste previously left to landfills.

I invite members to join me in recognizing this example of local, green technology outpacing older paradigms and providing greener products at better prices. 

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