Private Member Statement May 11, 2021 – Importance of Receiving Covid Vaccine – Andrew Micklefield


Importance of Receiving COVID Vaccine

Mr. Andrew Micklefield (Rossmere): When the COVID‑19 virus first made the news, I was skeptical. Was this any more than the flu?

   But then my friend got COVID and wound up in intensive care, and I began to take things more seriously. However, I wasn’t entirely persuaded. I thought maybe he was just unlucky.

   Then another friend got COVID and died. Then my friend’s mom got COVID and died as well.

   Then another friend, who is 44 years old, in reasonable health, got COVID and was admitted to hospital, his blood oxygen at dangerous levels. Thank­fully for his wife and six children, he returned home sometime later, over the worst, but weak and physi­cally exhausted. That was last Christmas. I spoke with him recently and he is still unable to work and still physically affected: Sometimes I feel like I’m shuffling about from better to worse to better again without making much progress. There does appear to be slow improvement but doctors say it will take time to return to normal, hopefully later this year.

   Two weeks ago another friend got sick with COVID and found herself in intensive care. Her family asked their church to pray while she wondered if she would ever see them again. Thankfully, she’s now recovering at home.

   People who do not have so many friends affected by this virus are fortunate. But these situations chang­ed my mind, and I am no longer skeptical or unsure. They showed me the very real and life-threatening impacts COVID can have on families and individuals.

   That’s why my wife and I chose to get vaccinated. Places with high vaccine uptake develop herd immun­ity and are opening up, something all of us want. That’s why Ruth and I are vaccinated. I hope these words and stories will help others do the same.

   Thank you.

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