Manitoba Leads Nation in Economic Recovery

August 6, 2021 – Lowest Unemployment Rate in Canada Advances Manitoba Economic Pandemic Recovery

Manitoba is leading the nation in economic recovery, with enough job growth in July to replace any losses from the previous month, according to Statistics Canada, Finance Minister Scott Fielding announced today. He noted today’s numbers show the province has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, to advance Manitoba’s economic pandemic recovery.

“We are pleased to see Manitoba more than double the national average for growth,” said Fielding. “Looking forward, the province will be completely recovered from pandemic losses within the next couple of months. We know more and more Manitobans want to return to the workforce and, as our economy opens up, the more prosperous our province becomes.”

Manitoba gained 7,400 jobs in July and is showing total job gains of 1.1 per cent, which outpaced the national rate of 0.5 per cent growth. The cooperation of Manitobans in following pandemic recommendations and the successful, ongoing vaccination program has allowed an easing of restrictions, creating renewed demand and the need for people to fill jobs. A strong showing in the private sector reflects a 2.4 per cent gain, compared to a national increase of 0.8 per cent, with full-time and part-time employment increasing in July.

Manitoba’s unemployment rate edged down 1.5 percentage points to 6.1 per cent, and ranks first in Canada, which reported a 7.5 per cent rate nationally.  

Other highlights include:
•    the female unemployment rate decreased 2.1 points to 5.8 per cent, ranking first in Canada, versus 7 per cent nationally;
•    employment levels for women grew by 5,500 people, up 1.8 per cent in Manitoba, versus 0.4 per cent nationally;
•    the male unemployment rate decreased 1 point to 6.3 per cent, ranking second in Canada, versus 7.8 per cent nationally;
•    Manitoba’s youth unemployment rate of 7.6 per cent was a decrease of 6 points, ranking second in Canada, with the national rate at 11.6 per cent; and
•    private sector employment (including those who are self-employed) increased by 11,700 or 2.4 per cent in Manitoba, versus 0.8 per cent for Canada.

“We are encouraged by the consistent upward trends in employment we are seeing,” said Fielding. “As more Manitobans get vaccinated and restrictions loosened, the closer we can get back to a normal life where our businesses thrive and our economy is strengthened.”


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