Plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving – Oct 6 2021 Canstar Herald Article by Andrew Micklefield

Amidst the tensions and divisions of COVID-19, let’s remember just how much we have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the best in each other and count our blessings. This Thanksgiving weekend, let’s remember just how much we have to be thankful for.

I am thankful we can share Thanksgiving with family and friends in our homes. I am thankful for warm fall weather and the many walking trails in our area. I am thankful for numerous provincial parks a short drive away.

I am thankful our kids are at school, in person, and that businesses are open, mostly without lineups. I am thankful churches are open, Winnipeg’s pro sports teams are playing, and concerts are happening. The zoo is also open, as are museums, movie theatres, swimming pools and gyms. I’m thankful for those things, too.

I’m thankful for simple things like being able to get a haircut or celebrate a birthday with a friend. I’m thankful for in-person meetings for work. The masks can be a challenge, but I much prefer in-person to online. I’m thankful we’re in-person.

I’m thankful for health care workers, doctors, nurses and support staff. Some of them are my friends and these last 18 months have not been easy for them at all. I’m thankful for our medical system, which saved the lives of people in our community, including some of my own friends.

Opinions will no doubt continue on this and many other issues but gratitude can transform even the toughest of times. Let’s embrace thanksgiving this weekend, and continue in the habit once the turkey has all been eaten.

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Rossmere MLA Andrew Micklefield enjoys a hike with his wife, Ruth.

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