Private Member’s Speech: CareImpact – Andrew Micklefield, November 24, 2021

Madam Speaker, Do you have an unused bed or furniture for a child’s room?
There may be a family a short drive away who could use what you no longer need.
Since 2014, CareImpact, a made-in-Manitoba charity with national impact, has
connected and equipped communities to effectively journey with children and
families experiencing hardship.

There are many good people who do care but don’t know what to do. CareImpact
bridges that gap by educating willing people to better understand poverty,
trauma care, culture and reconciliation, and all in the context of healthy

CareImpact partners with child welfare professionals who securely, confidentially
and anonymously submit requests for needs of children, youth and families.
Current requests include size 9 boots for a single mother as well short term meal
delivery for an individual with unforeseen gaps in her recovery plan. Individuals or
community organizations view these needs and in turn respond both securely
and in confidence.

CareImpact has brought together 1500 people in order to assist some 250 families
including more than 600 children with an estimated benefit of nearly $250,000.
CareImpact supports parents and children as roles change and when difficulties
arise. I was pleased to support CareImpact with application for funding and other
needs in 2020. Their strategic use of resources has resulted in many positive
reports including a 4.8/5 rating by those who have benefitted from their service.

Poverty is everyone’s business. We can’t all do everything, but we can all do
something to lend a hand and share another’s burden. I encourage all Members
of this House and anyone watching to review a range of engagement
opportunities by visiting the Activate Individual tab of the website.
The work CareImpact does prompts generosity and generates unity and I
commend their work and service to this House.

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