9 year old girl helps Ukraine by making bracelets- Canstar East article by Andrew Micklefield – May 11, 2022

When the war in Ukraine began in February, people around the world looked for ways to help. Some joined protests or expressed support on social media, many organizations and governments including our own in Manitoba sent money or supplies. But amidst the prayers, protests and politics, area resident 9 year old Mila Wiebe resolved to do what she could by making loom band bracelets.

When Mila heard at school about the devastated homes and displaced families, she determined to do something to help the Ukrainian people. One of her classmates has family living in Ukraine and like many others, Mila wanted to find a way to get them supplies and food. So she made bracelets out of yellow and blue loom bands to sell to friends and family for $5 each. Many weeks later, the orders are still coming in.

To date, with the help of her family, Mila has sold 89 of her blue and yellow bracelets and raised $350 for the displaced people of Ukraine. Described by her family as “a great kid with a soft heart,” Mila’s family are “not at all surprised that she would want to help in any way she could.”

It is easy to feel helpless as we watch images of Ukrainian refugees fleeing cities destroyed by Russian airstrikes, but many local groups are organizing to help in a variety of ways. Even needs much closer to home are solved as people like Mila find a way to do what they can with what they have to offer. 

Mila’s bracelets are available for order through my office, and 100% of the money she raises will help people on the ground in Ukraine. Call me at 204.289.4545 to pick yours up soon!

Andrew Micklefield is the MLA for Rossmere and the Deputy Speaker for the Manitoba Legislature. 

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Rossmere MLA Andrew Micklefield and Mila Wiebe show off the blue-and-yellow loom bracelets that Mila has been making and selling to raise money to support people in Ukraine.
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