Legislative Service & Biography

Micklefield Family 2019 (6)

Legislative service

Andrew Micklefield was elected as MLA for Rossmere on April 19, 2016 and re-elected on September 10, 2019. Since being elected, Andrew has held the following positions in the Manitoba Legislature and advanced several important causes:

  1. Deputy Speaker / Chair of the Committee of the Whole House (current role)
  2. Government House Leader
  3. Deputy Government House Leader
  4. Caucus Whip
  5. Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Health
  6. Regulatory Accountability Committee of Cabinet
  7. Legislative Assembly Management Committee
  8. Legislation and Regulation Committee of Caucus
  9. Chair, Legislative Review Committee for Child Welfare, precipitated first reduction of children in government care in 15 years.
  10. Passed Resolution with all-party support successfully asking Federal Government to bring 1200 Yazidi women and children to Canada to escape sex trafficking.
  11. Seconded and passed conscience rights legislation for medical practitioners.
  12. Introduced and passed legislation helping families with missing loved ones.

Prior to election

Andrew immigrated from England in 1989, graduated from Transcona Collegiate and the University of Winnipeg and pursued Master’s studies at Providence University College. For nearly 20 years years Andrew has worked to improve the lives of Manitobans and also facilitated relief projects in developing countries. He has spoken at numerous settings from churches to political forums. Andrew also served as a Board Member of the Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools.

Andrew has helped immigrant families find homes, jobs and settle into a new life in Winnipeg. While Principal of The King’s School in Winnipeg, he received acclaim for the school’s work with refugee and newcomer children. In 2014 Andrew coordinated a shared land and funding agreement to build soccer fields for community and school use.

Andrew and his wife Ruth live in Rossmere with their 3 children. Andrew is a drummer and percussionist and enjoys cooking, travelling, camping and reading.