Please email or phone us for assistance with registration – we want to hear from you – thanks!

Click here to join the conversation – and – we can make this a pretty image with ‘join the conversation’ motif to click to open the survey subscription interface.

Please check your inbox after you register – we want to hear from you – thanks!

FYI – Read more about our secure and convenient process for registration/sharing success!

1. Click the ‘join the conversation’ image link above and fill in a form that looks like this:


image A appears here with its 12345 steps along with inputs for email and name

2. After you click the ‘subscribe to our list’ button link found on the registration form the following page will open in your web browser:


image B appears here with a visual cue of the page that should have opened AND GERALD WILL ENHANCE this graphic with a cue to actually do what it says, namely, go to your email and complete the registration process by confirming your registration

3. Here’s an image of the first kind of email we send you after you have completed the online registration described in steps 1 and 2:


image C appears here with an image of the first kind of email user gets after they complete the online registration step along with an ENHANCEMENT by Gerald underscoring the following:  Remember to click ‘yes, subscribe me to the list’ because we want to hear from you as you share using robust tools that are both convenient and secure!

4. Keep calm and navigate on! Please note that when you click the ‘yes subscribe me to this list’ link in the email we sent you (described above in step 3 above) a web page will open (see below) with an IMPORTANT next step:


image D appears here with an picture of the web page that appears after user has confirmed subscription AND ENHANCEMENT from Gerald will underscore the need for the user to go back to their inbox in order to open an extra special welcome email which will include the final step, namely a link that says ‘click to share now’

5. Almost there – finally – return to your inbox and open a ‘welcome’ email.


image E appears here with ‘welcome’ email graphic ENHANCED by Gerald to show where to click in order to open survey where user can at last enter thoughts to share with Andrew

6. Share and send your thoughts with Andrew using the Google forms response tool. Note that if you put the correct email in the google form survey response tool you will get a message indicating that your response was received and also offering you a chance to adjust your old response or submit a new response. Note also the option to unsubscribe as noted here: [ ]

7. Please note future emails we will send from time to time. We hope you will continue to engage suggested topics in order to move together towards understandings. You are welcome to share our interactions with others to grow the conversation and of course you can also unsubscribe at any time from here or from any email we send with content from mailchimp inside of it.